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Professional and Executive Search
Nationwide and Worldwide

Corporate Address
Allied Search Co.
2030 Union Street #206
San Francisco, CA 94123


Contact Information
Tel: 415-921-1971


What areas of search does Allied Search Co. cover?
See the “Divisions” on the Home Page.

Who pays the placement fee?
The employer company pays the placement fee; not the applicant candidate.

Does Allied Search Co. work on a retainer basis (placement fee paid up front), or on a contingency basis (placement paid after the candidate hired starts working)?
Allied Search Co. works on a retainer basis about half (50%) the time, and on a contingency basis about half (50%) the time. It’s up to the client company to choose the type of search to be performed.

What geographical regions does Allied Search Co. cover?
Allied Search Co. works on a nationwide (all fifty states) and worldwide basis.

How experienced are the recruiters?
All recruiters have ten or more (10+) years experience in their field of expertise and the search business. The Managing Director has over twenty (20+) years experience in the search business.

How much does Allied Search Co. charge the client company for a search?
The fee charge depends on the type of search because each search is different.
The fee is always competitive with other search firms.

What is the guarantee Allied Search Co. gives on the placement?
The guarantee can vary. Most of the time, it’s ninety (90) days.

Does Allied Search Co. do permanent placement or temporary contract placement?
Allied Search Co. does both permanent and temporary placement.

Where is Allied Search Co. located?
The Corporate office is located at:

2030 Union Street, Suite 206
San Francisco, CA 94123.

Who is the proper contact?
For information, etc. :

  • Telephone:
    (415) 921-1971 Ask for the Human Resources, Vice President.
  • Mail:
    2030 Union Street, #206
    San Francisco, Ca 94123
    Attn: Vice President, Human Resources.
  • Email: